Znen ZN 125-21, a perfect bike for active touring

2015-06-12 02:41:00 / author: Stacey Lexus views: 3 / 4388

Znen ZN 125-21, aperfect bike for active touring 

This cute bike keeps attention with its design in retro style and in a strange way will remind you someone else. And no wonder, because Znen ZN 125-21 is externally very similar to the Honda Joker, as it was released on on the basis of its licensee. But a sweet look is not all advantages of ZN 125-21.

Znen ZN 125-21, aperfect bike for active touring

This model of Znen is also equipped with nimble 4-stroke, 1-cylinder engine, which makes the bike indispensable vehicle, if it comes to movement within the city. Experienced users notice that the bike is not whimsical in service, frequent breakdowns are not observed, therefore, the circle of its fans is growing worldwide.

Also this model is really loved by active travelers, who are in continuous action and motion, renting it for independent trips and looking for new sights and impressions. 10 HP of this bike will gladly demonstrate you all the places, hitherto not available to tourists and the prying eyes of visitors.