Hello, our visitor!

We are pleased to see you here! When we say “we”, we do mean us – Rodney, Clara and Peter. We are zombiedrive.com small but close-knit team. So let us introduce those who made this site interesting for you.

This is Clara. She is a keen car enthusiast. Clara’s formal education is in journalism, but her true love is cars. The whole thing started when her father used to take her at various cars racing, close to her hometown. Clara’s real ambition was to be a race car driver; she loved driving fast cars. She used to go carting, but no further career steps are taken. Being both a passionate car lover and a journalist, she writes emotionally charged as well as intriguing stories on about cars for our site. She also holds responsibility for editorial policy and edits the most of our readers and columnists’ texts.

Now let us give a word or two about Rodney. He works as a car mechanic. Having worked in this profession for at least 20 years, he is only about his thirty. It seems like his father has also played his role either way. He used to have a small auto service station, and since Rodney was a child, his father took him there. From Rodney’s childhood up, he was growing surrounded by cars, parts, tools and accessories. Rodney’s father has been too old for that work already, and nowadays Rodney carries on this family business.

After creating our website, we immediately realized Rodney to be the man who could do the job for us. We were hoping he would offer his services on cars’ knowledge. It seems that we came to a wise judgment. He is qualified, intelligent and hard working - what else could we wish? In case that the information is found to be inaccurate or incomplete, Rodney would correct it in time.

This is Peter, and he works as a software programmer. Of course, he is a real car maniac! His passion to cars dated from the time of his first classic retro Jaguar; the more he focused on cars, the more ardent becomes his love to them. Peter is responsible for how our site looks to the users and how it works at all, or more briefly, for site’s functional.

We created our website for you, because we have a lot of ideas to share with. Hope you like it too!