Fallen in Love with Boss Hoss BHC-3 ZZ4

2015-03-24 08:27:00 / author: Ben Weir views: 13 / 8152

Fallen in Love with Boss Hoss BHC-3 ZZ4If you have fallen in love with the handsome hunks of the kingdom of biking, then this isn't rocket science that you will not be able to ignore the charm of Boss Hoss BHC-3 ZZ4. This bike is highly famous among the bike lovers for the majestic look as well as for the high power engine. The thumping sound of this bike is enough for turning the heads of people along the road, and this is also the thing that can make you pride every time you ride or even park it to somewhere. Now let’s get a closer look at the specifications that make this a must have for every bike rider, who only choose the best bikes for them.Fallen in Love with Boss Hoss BHC-3 ZZ4

This bike comes with a muscular and huge body with the 499.0 kg weight and the 711 mm adjustable seat height. Besides, the transmission of this bike is one-speed semi-automatic transmission with the overdrive, reverse gear and a heel-toe shifter.