Riding the soulful Borile B500CR

2015-03-24 07:47:13 / author: Ben Weir views: 5 / 4781

Riding the soulful Borile B500CRThe bike by Borile came in the year 2010. The lightweight bike, with a body weighing 106 kg in dry condition, gives the bikers their soul company in their tours on roads. With a powerful four-stroke single cylinder engine and the option to air cool it, Borile B500CR bike is a pure romantic bikers pride on the roads.Riding the soulful Borile B500CR

It sports a 488 cc engine with 5 speed chain transmission and a multi-disc clutch. This motor baby is strong enough to go wild yet remain in control with this strong control mechanism. It has a fuel capacity of about 8.5 L. The frame is just an example of how the strength can be optimised within such a packed design. The design is a true masterpiece and is purely head turner on how it can be achieved by hand rather than CAD. It is available in different colours and is best suited to those bikers who still love single cylinder engines.