Bourget Dragons, a dream machine

2015-03-24 02:21:57 / author: Ben Weir views: 5 / 4974

Bourget Dragons, a dream machineThese days, almost all of use own bikes as these have become our daily necessities. But what if you like to ride on something that can make you stand apart from others? Then choosing the Bourget Dragons is the ultimate option that you can opt for. This bike works like a dream machine of numerous people and day by day this is becoming the iconic choice for the sports bike lovers across the globe in every sense of the word.Bourget Dragons, a dream machine

Some of the best specifications of this bike are mentioned below. These make these ideal for those riders, who don’t want to compromise on their preferences:

•    6 speed RHD transmission

•    113 Cu in S&S

•    Spoke pulleys and wheels

•    Primo Brute 4 Extreme open belt drive

•    Dakota Digital speedometer

•    330 rear tire

•    Leather passenger pad and seat

•    Options to choose a complete range of colors that can define the masculinity of the riders in the best possible way