Benelli TnT 1130 - a Funky Stylish Boy

2015-03-24 04:53:41 / author: Ben Weir views: 16 / 10849

Benelli TnT 1130 - a Funky Stylish BoyOne of the striking features of the bike by DSK, Benelli TnT 1130 is its design and look. For those bike enthusiasts who are looking for the one of the best combination of performance and design, then this is the one they can go for. This bike carries the 116kW triple cylinder powerful engine packaged in a funky stylish look.Benelli TnT 1130 - a Funky Stylish Boy

The performance stands out from other similar bikes with its Brembo mono-lock brakes and adjustable Marzocchi front suspension and ZF-Sachs rear suspension. It is one of those, most suitable for street riding, bikes with a chiselled fuel tank and stubby mudguards. The bike has all that is required to attract the passerby. The bikers even get mesmerised with its easy handling, riding and the amazing brakes and exhaust. It has a slipper clutch gear covered with a carbon fibre cover to control its power and gives the driver the required control while going through different roads.