BamX BX125-DB1 enforces the world

2015-03-24 05:40:25 / author: Ben Weir views: 17 / 3897

BamX BX125-DB1 enforces the worldThere are many people who are crazily fond of riding bikes and are willing to buy a bike that can make it easy to travel in rough terrains. For such people, the BamX BX125-DB1 Enforcer bike is the most suitable available today. This bike got its first manufacturing in the year 2008. Since then the bike has won hearts and is still a heartthrob of many bike riders.BamX BX125-DB1 enforces the world

This bike is distinguished with its 4-stroke engine making it a powerful one. This bike is considered to accompany riders in roughest of road journeys, including that of bad roads and bad weather. This is air-cooled and comes with a fuel capacity of 1.1 gal (4 L). It carries a lightweight design yet powerful enough to sustain harsh to very harsh road conditions. This bike can prove to be a great purchase for those who are looking for a tough yet easy to ride a bike for themselves.