CCM 604 R: Cheap yet good motorcycle

2015-03-24 05:32:27 / author: Ben Weir views: 1 / 5823

CCM 604 R: Cheap yet good motorcycleYou would find the CCM 604 R is available in various styles. But all the bikes have the same build with the Rotax motor essentially and excellent suspension propelling as well. It has the powerful Suzuki engine which makes it a tempting option for all the bike lovers throughout the world. CCM 604 R: Cheap yet good motorcycle
The ride quality is wonderful, and it is both supple and sophisticated and hence it is not at all difficult to handle the bike both on and off the road. The Brembo brakes are superb, and the riders have no problem in stopping this 132 kilo weighed motorbike. The motor is indeed extremely reliable, and it would not need much servicing. This single cylinder bike would require servicing only after 3000 miles and you can have lots of tuning options with the available 60b horsepower. Though it has lower light quality and without any tachometer but it comes with electric start with easily available spare parts.