Can-Am MX6 400: A wonderful crossover bike

2015-03-24 01:24:25 / author: Ben Weir views: 8 / 7551

Can-Am MX6 400: A wonderful crossover bikeIn the year 1980 the Can-Am MX6 400 bike came into existence, and it is still going strong. There is no shortage of popularity for this bike in the market. You would often find bike enthusiasts riding the striking orange color motorcycle down the roads. It is a bright, jaw-dropping color of the bike that has made it a unique one among the motorcycles by the various brands. It is the color option that is specific to Can-Am MX6 400 bikes.Can-Am MX6 400: A wonderful crossover bike
Taking a look at the specifications and the features of the Can-Am MX6 400, it has a 5 speed gearbox and a chain transmission type. It is a single-cylinder two-stroke bike with the maximum RPM of 8500. Maximum horsepower provided by the bike is 43. The cooling system is air, and the ignition is Bosch CDI. The bike has the displacement of 24.77 inches.