Help Save Earth with Avon E-Mate

2015-03-24 09:05:22 / author: Ben Weir views: 4 / 3965

Help Save Earth with Avon E-MateAvon E-Mate is a scooter bike manufactured by India's largest bicycle exporter which is Avon Cycles. The motorcycle is tagged environmental friendly. It is electric powered with an automatic gearbox. Nevertheless, it could run up to 24.0 km/h (14.9 mph).  It functions with a 48V 20 AH battery which requires a 6- 8 hours charging time using a 220V Ac charger. With that, the vehicle could already be up and functional to run up to 65 kilometres. Help Save Earth with Avon E-MateThe front and rear brakes are both expanding brakes for maximum security. On that note, there is more assurance of security with a Special element of this smart scooter which would be the electronic anti-theft audio alarm with remote control. As of comfort, padded seats are designed to accommodate two occupants of the scooter. It is designed by default in purple grey color. It has been popular from onset of production with younger riders and also beginners because of its light weight and features for easy manipulation.

This eco- friendly scooter is up for grabs at around $380.