Sporting bike with the Blata Origami B1

2015-03-24 00:46:19 / author: Ben Weir views: 12 / 7937

Sporting bike with the Blata Origami B1These bikes are manufactured completely for the sports segment. The Blata Origami B1 bike is only for bikers willing to take on high speed and ride on race tracks. This runs only on tracks with no disturbances and gives high performance for a short time periods. It has a tank capacity of 1L.  This bike has a single cylinder and two stroke engines.Sporting bike with the Blata Origami B1

This bike can speed up to 50mph and comes in variant colours of black, yellow, red and white. Also, one can get customized coloured wheels. This minibike is fun to ride and good for advanced bikers ready to take on the circuit tracks. The frame is steel-welded with liquid cooling option for the engine. The clutch of this bike is centrifugally automatic. Amongst the pocket bikes available today, it has a considerably high performing powerful engine of 39cc. Overall, this bike scores well in the range of bikes serving speed and stability.