The highly controlled ride on Bimota DB7

2015-03-24 06:01:11 / author: Ben Weir views: 11 / 5178

The highly controlled ride on Bimota DB7 The Bimota DB7 is the choice of the sportsmen. This bike offers the best of modern equipments combined with style, passion and the high performing body. This bike can be considered as the high-speed bike that one can look for during bike sports. It has a modern swing arm that allows it to deliver a sense of ease and comfort to the riders.The highly controlled ride on Bimota DB7

It has a stiff body, yet it is light-weighted because of its carbon frames. This bike offers a nice combination of being a racing bike, as well as a street bike. This is based on its sturdy design and features that help bikers have a greater control while on the road. It has a low seat height and is well equipped with the powerful 1099 cc engine with double cylinder. The mechanical capabilities and structural design make it a perfect strong yet manageable machine on the road for bikers.