Round&round with Aspes Elios

2015-03-24 04:56:47 / author: Ben Weir views: 9 / 4338

Round&round with Aspes Elios Aspes Elios is an all round bike built with an electric engine. The engine produces a maximum peak output power of 0.34 HP.  Its dry weight is at 25 kg and has a 7-speed gear box; therefore, it is highly fitting for speeding. The bike’s top speed could hit up to 15.5 mph. It has a chain transmission type, and the battery assistance of the bicycle allows travel for longer distances and in total safety. The single disc rear brake and drum brake front is also convenient for safety. This type of bike is highly recommended for bikers pursuing extreme cardio activities. The comfort and top speed will help a lot on such activities.Round&round with Aspes Elios

Pricing is quite high an all around bike but would be reasonable for the high-end quality. The selling price is mostly around $1836 and may depend on accessories added for upgrades and improvement. So, you, extreme riders, are welcome!