Roehr 1130 Superbike, exotic and breathless

2015-06-26 10:43:47 / author: Ben Weir views: 14 / 5045

Roehr 1130 Superbike 

The Roehr 1130 Superbike is a sports bike from 2008 and is one of the newest generations of American motorcycles. Looking exotic, isn't it?

Roehr 1130 Superbike

These bikes are valued at $39,995 and have a V2, four-stroke engine and a horsepower of 120. It has a five-speed, chain transmission and is a great bike for easy handling. It is a muscular sportbike for the open track and dirt tracks and some riders also like to ride on the city streets. This bike goes up to 85 miles per hour and has an electric starter.

The Roehr 1130 Superbike has a wet, multi-plate, hydraulic actuation clutch and a wheelbase of 56.0 inches. The front brakes are double disc and semi-floating, and the rear brakes are single disc. This bike is great for racers, and plenty of the racers find that this bike has so much potential. This bike can be customized, and it first came in colors like red, black, white, and silver.