Going Adventurous With the New BMW R1200GS

2015-03-24 03:19:09 / author: Ben Weir views: 6 / 9664

Going Adventurous With the New BMW R1200GSThis machine is a total star for its on-road performance. It offers high-end technology packed in a unique high-tech design. The BMW R1200GS motorbike is the way to bikers’ adventure. This machine is best suited for a global bike ride tour. It has a smooth and powerful engine best suited for longer tours with a speed reaching 80 to 90 mph and a supporting liquid cooling technique.Going Adventurous With the New BMW R1200GS

The body contains a lot of heavy parts, but it can hide the weight in it well. The biker can experience the ride is very smooth on roads and is commendable off roads too. This is due to the stiff suspension it offers. It also offers an adjustable seating and a highly impressive electronics package to adjust and control the machine on the go. Over the years of manufacturing it has improved highly on the fuel efficiency. For a long journey, the comfort and speed of the bike have been kept in mind by the manufacturers.