BSA SR 500 Gold - For the Lovers of Classics

2015-03-24 03:23:32 / author: Ben Weir views: 2 / 6622

BSA SR 500 Gold - For the Lovers of ClassicsIf you are a true classic bike lover, then there can be no alternative to a BSA SR 500 Gold. This is one of the bike models that will remind you the retro bikes of several decades ago. One of the biggest similarities of this bike with the retro bikes is that you need to kick-start it.BSA SR 500 Gold - For the Lovers of Classics

While it comes to the specifications of this bike, it is a classic, 4 stroke bike with 499.00 cm single cylinder engine. Besides, this bike also has an unconfirmed top speed, and it offers 34.00 HP @ 7000 RPM. The most breathtaking thing about this bike is that it is available in different types of finishes, alternatives silencers and seats and different types of petrol tank shapes. All of these make easy for the bikers to pick their models as per their preferences.

As a whole, the features like rear-sets, clip-ons and the big polished tank of petrol, this bike can be your best companion for a long ride.