Adiva AD 125, trendy&sleek

2015-03-24 06:24:08 / author: Ben Weir views: 19 / 7088

Adiva AD 125, trendy&sleekThe Japanese Adiva AD 125 has been a very popular scooter for fans of motorcycles and scooters. The Adiva AD 125 models have been manufactured for quite a few years and are still currently in production. Many of these scooters have become very popular in the racing world, and riders continue to find the model they like best.Adiva AD 125, trendy&sleekThis trendy and sleek scooter is valued at around $10,000, and there are models that run at a cheaper price. This Adiva AD125 model had several different styles including one scooter that came with a detachable roof for stormy weather while riding. This model was very popular all over the world. The Adiva AD 125 can go up to speeds of 139 km/hr. The Adiva AD 125 features an electric starter with liquid cooling. There were quite a few color and model options for these scooters, and they still continue to be very popular among younger riders.